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Ângela : Prefiro vinho. Obrigada.

Alexandre : What do you want to drink? Wine or beer?

Ângela : I prefer wine. Thanks.

4 Power Tips to Avoid Mistakes with the Verb Preferir Tip # 1

When using Preferir followed by another verb, use the other verb in the Infinitive (base form):

= I prefer to drive to work when it is raining.

= I prefer to leave early so I don’t get there at the last minute.

Tip # 2

When saying that you prefer one thing over the other, use the preposition “a”:


= Joana prefer forró over samba.

= I prefer the summer over the winter.

Two quick notes:

Don’t mix up the preposition “a” and the article “a”. These are two different things.

In the examples above, when we say “Joana prefere forró a samba”, we are using the preposition “a”.

When we say “Prefiro o verão ao inverno”, we are contracting the preposition “a” and the article “o”.

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You will hear people saying “do que” , such as in:

This is common in spoken Brazilian Portuguese, but grammatically it is not recommended.

Tip # 3

If you use Preferir + que , you need to use the present subjunctive after it. In the examples below, the underlined verbs are in the present subjunctive conjugation.

Preferir + que

= I prefer that you tell the truth.

= He prefers that we get there early.

Need practice with the Present Subjunctive? Set 4 of our Flashcard App for Android will help you! It has 120 flashcards with full sentences using the present subjunctive. It is also a great way to learn new words and practice your general grammar to speak better Portuguese.

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Tip # 4

You will hear people saying mais (more), muito mais (much more), mil vezes (a thousand times), and other similar expressions to emphasize their preference. Although this is common in spoken Brazilian Portuguese, it is grammatically incorrect. Here is an example:

muito mais mil vezes

Grammatically, it is better to leave that “muito mais” out.

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I hate people who get their torches out for bloggers who make a certain income. HCOL is incredibly different. In NYC, a one bedroom in midtown or even the upper east/west just starts at 500k. A 2 bed for 1200 square feet here is probably north of $1.5M.

Its just crazy the cost difference in places like NYC and SF. Sure, the salaries are higher, but so is everything else. You can’t judge someone’s income unless you know where they live.

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MillenialExpat says

While there’s nothing wrong with being a high income generator, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with aspiring to it, calling ‘$300,000’ middle class comes off as super out of touch.

There are several assumptions passed of as reasonable (no time to cook inflating food to 25K a year being a major one) which can reign in these cost very quickly. These assumptions in my opinion make the outlined budget that of a life of luxury, not the life of the middle class.

While Sam’s blog is always full of excellent insight and information, it seems to be a common theme of his to try to justify that he is ‘middle class’, which even when you adjust for coastal salary and cost (and his philosophy of stealth wealth) is clearly not the case. There’s nothing wrong with being in the 1%, but at least have the self awareness to acknowledge it.


Andrew says

Fig. 1

Flow diagram of the study population. A total of 16,452 CA patients were enrolled in the SOS-KANTO 2012 study. Of these, 13,597 adult patients had initially nonshockable rhythms. Of these, 11,481 patients were evaluated in this study. Of these, 10,960 patients received no shock (Subsequently Not Shocked group) and 521 patients received shock(s) during EMS resuscitation (Subsequently Shocked group). survival with favorable neurological outcome defined as Cerebral Performance Category of 1 or 2 at 1 month after CA, emergency medical service, return of spontaneous circulation

EMS providers collected prehospital information in the standardized Utstein style, including age, sex, location, witnessed arrest, bystander CPR, call–response interval, initial cardiac rhythms monitored by EMS providers, and shock deliveries by EMS providers. We defined rhythm conversion of nonshockable rhythms to VF/ pulseless VT during EMS resuscitation when EMS providers delivered shock(s) for patients who had initially nonshockable rhythms; we used shock delivery as a surrogate indicator of conversion [ SKECHERS Empress Looking Good idEN7ef
, Donald J Pliner Dora 3x8fJ3NEh
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, 16 ,
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]. The call–response interval was defined as the interval from receipt of a call by emergency response dispatchers to the time when the emergency response vehicle came to a stop. Shock delivery time was defined as the interval between the initiation of CPR by EMS providers and the time of first shock delivery by EMS providers.

Patients who had initially nonshockable rhythms and subsequently received shock(s) during EMS resuscitation were assigned to the “Subsequently Shocked” group, while other patients who did not receive subsequent shock by EMS providers were assigned to the “Subsequently Not Shocked” group. EMS providers used semiautomated external defibrillators to analyze the rhythm, and if a shock was indicated it was delivered [ 19 ].

Physicians were responsible for treating the patient-determined causes of CA, including cardiac and noncardiac (asphyxia, trauma, aortic disease, drawing, cerebrovascular disease, drug overdose, and others). The institutional researchers collected information that included ROSC during resuscitation by EMS providers or physicians, 24-hour survival, 1-month survival, and neurological outcomes. Neurological outcomes were evaluated using the Cerebral Performance Categories (CPCs) [ Pleaser Vixen 701 Womens aW4MQbq
]; responses were scored as follows: CPC 1, good cerebral performance; CPC 2, moderate cerebral disability; CPC 3, severe cerebral disability; CPC 4, coma/vegetative state; and CPC 5, death. Favorable neurological outcome was defined as CPC 1 or 2.

The primary outcome variable was 1-month survival with a favorable neurological outcome. For the primary analysis, we assessed differences in 1-month favorable neurological outcomes by subsequent shock delivery using a multivariate logistic regression to allow for adjustment for potential confounding factors reported previously, including age, sex, public location, witnessed arrest, bystander CPR, call–response interval, initial PEA rhythm, and cardiac etiology as covariates [ 11 , Steve MaddenTrace Mule PbSrBnhGpp
, 14 , MerrellDuskair Seaway Thong Leather AKCNK01
, 16 ,
17 ]. For the secondary analysis, we used a multivariate logistic regression to assess factors associated with the presence of subsequent shock. In addition, the frequency of ROSC, 24-hour survival, 1-month survival, and 1-month favorable neurological outcome in subsequent shock patients were compared by interval of EMS shock delivery. Odds ratios (ORs) and 95 % confidence intervals (CIs) were calculated. The level of significance was set at α = 0.05 with a two-tailed test. Analyses were performed using SPSS (version 21; SPSS, Chicago, IL, USA) statistical software packages.

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